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Buy What Have I to Say to You from Tavern Books

Praise for What Have I to Say to You

“…and best in terms of being the kind of book one happily reads over and over. It took me twenty-nine minutes and five seconds to read the whole thing into a voice recorder. I have listened to that recording six times in the last week.” The Paris Review

“I’m drawn to Megan Levad’s new book, What I Have to Say to You, because many of her poems speak to a general reader. I like feeling addressed directly, especially when a poet has something surprising to say.” San Francisco Chronicle

“Composed as a book-length lyric suite, Levad’s poems explore the intimate at an extremely high speed, moving through the imagination and the body with great detail and dexterity...a kind of intricate, lyric character study composed as monologue.” rob mclennan’s blog

“Her poetry is free-flowing, and plain-spoken without being self-deprecating. What Have I To Say To You is only her second book, and yet, consisting of untitled verse separated by page breaks, it contains enough refreshing streams of images and small moments of stoppage to allow an uninhibited and thoroughly pleasurable reading, something rare in a sophomore work.” Literary Matters

“…vivid songs, alive and formal. What a wonderful human accomplishment this book is.Norman Dubie